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Show your gift Jos audition

Show your gift Edo state Audition

The first audition took place in Delta State. Watch, be bless and share. 

Finally the long awaited Show Your Gift talent hunt. Registration starts on the 7th of April 2017. This is your season why not shine.

  Follow link below to Register:

The Winner of Delta State







The Winners of Port Harcourt Season 3 Nigeria


Show your gift Port Harcourt season 3 auditions 2013










From my new album- I'M UNSTOPPABLE

We believe in the importance of empowering individuals with great talents and skills neccessary to succeed within the community. Anew life and Show your gift is a twin project which has the same aims and objectives. This project (picture above) involved working with Youths, young women from the streets, this project aimed to encourage and equip them with necessary skills for employment. We also believe in empowering our youths to use their talent to make sustainable income by providing assistant through art related project such as show your gift talent show. The winner of every show will be empowered with finance to be a well know art in the country. We now aim to build a shelter home for young vulnerable women unable to obtain shelter after leaving the street.

£ 500 

To be able to help such vulnerable women and youths, the organisation wants to raise £87,000, this will be used to build a permanent home for women who have been abused and oppressed sexually, phsyically and mentally. As the organisation's core belief is developing the indivdial, we aim to provide them an education which will be aquired through training.

It is important for 'show your gift' organisation to make an impact in such indivduals lives,who can then make a valuable contribution to society.

Please help me, help them by contributing to the Anew Life Shelther Home




Coming Soon!!!!! I cannot wait to meet you

Sponsor a youth to go on mission.

£ 500 

The youths in the Greenwich, Southwark and Lewisham area within London are desperate to make an impact within Africa, they wish to be sponsered so they can travel for mission and develop their skills. We recognise that the youth are the future, therefore it is crucial to encourage and support our youth when they wish to make a difference.










Welcome! Thanks for coming by – we are always happy to get a visit from long-time fans and new friends. Check out our next Mission Work to Lagos state and the east on our mission age and show your gift schedule, artist bios, and current news to get the scoop of where we are going this year with SYG.


We have been working hard on our latest countries, and we invite you to join us for this journey. Come, and be a part of the improvement in the community that cater for the less privilege  the widows and the orphans. We love to meet our audience, so be sure to introduce yourselves after the conferenece.


Our goal and our passion has been to work hard with our future leaders the youth of Great Britain and the rest of the world with special gifts. To Minister and entertain our fans, and just plain have fun in the community with the presence of the Lord. We are excited to be ministering weekly and hope to see you soon at a show  your gift show– take a look at our calendar, or just drop us a line. syg is now visiting local churches to host show your gift attracting more worshippers to be winners and creating full awareness before hosting the state. The winners from the churches become the judges for the state event. This is our way of promoting the church and community winners.. Contact us if you want us to visit your church with the package we have.... 

 Easter Widows Party and Provision for their children

This year we are having a ball party for the widows in Port Harcourt and Enugu State. Some widows have never experience a party for a very long time, or shown love since they lost their husbands or wives. Children have not even tasted a soft drink for years and mothers, have never experience love from fellow human beings. Widow are isolated and treated like dirt, raped and used like rags. But I will not treat them like dirt. They are a blessing to the world without mothers you will not be alive today.

I am asking everyone who reads this to contribute a bag or more Rice for the widow this Easter. Please let them have fun, don't be ignorant to what James 1:27 says.

A bag of rice will be shared to 3 families. We are hoping to raise 100 bags which is more than possible because I know we still have givers who believe in this vision. God is able.

£50 for a bag, $80 America currency and 12,500 Naira Nigeria currency.

Some of you already know my life of mission and the passion I have for this.

I look forward to hear from you stay bless as you are taking care of the widows and orphans God will take care of you too in Jesus Name. Thanks to those who rushed to sent their gift you are already bless.

For full information please go to our contact page; fill in the form and we will get back to you within 24 hours stay in charge we celebrate you.

07448987728, 07449037031 or 07411882174
 PST JULIET P.A Ese 08024048089,
BB PIN: 7ac3a9d4. Facebook/showyourgift,

Go to Register on-line Page

our program is drawing near. show your gift Lagos State. we will like to know if you can support us by funding one of the winners.

1st price is N100.000

2nd price N50.000

3rd price N20.000

you can also buy bag of rice for the widows. Whatever God lay in your heart to do do. We need you to make this happen.We will put your name or business name on our website and promo package as a thank you.

Sponsor this Event

£ 50.00 

We need to  supply vitamins and paracetamol to vidow and orphans. We will on trip give Rice to the widow to sustain them for about a month. We will like to request your assistant on this. Thank please get in touch for more info.

My visit to the widows in Lagos State

The Visioneer statement

Mountain can be climbed by any determined person; what gets you to the top of the mountain is faith in God the same faith turns you from nothing to something supernatural. This is what show your gift is all about. We believe in people who believe in their ability to suceed if help is given. We celebrate the gift of God in you; now come and show  your gift.

 The Winners of SYG River State is the E Sqaurd ( A group of dancers from assemblies of God. Congratulation boys. 2nd place is Christopher and 3rd Place Gift congratulation


Videos from Port Harcourt Show Your Gift 

Interview with Precious one of the winners of Warri City 

Preparing medication for the widows 

      Semi Final                                                                            Speaking  to the Widows of PH



The Winner of Edo State Show Your Gift






kelvin sang I see Jesus seated on the throne with so much passion there is no doubt about his gift as it was seen and heard of men, as all gather to listen to this amazing voice woow. Kelvin won show your gift 2011 Edo state after going through over 200 gifted people with diverse gift. We congratulate him as He pursue a career in Gospel music.

On Behalf of SYG and the C.E.O Pastor Juliet Iyeyemi We say a big God bless you and congratulation again.

Kelvin will be joining us to become a judge at SYG Port Harcourt this year.  

             The winner of Show Your Gift Warri City Nigeria


Juliet Oniorobe

singer & writer 




Thanks to the king of glory the Almighty God. father you are so Awesome and you deserve all the praise and worship. To show your gift, i am previllage and honored to be your winner. And i also want to express my warm appreciation to pastor Juliet Iyeyemi c.e.o of Show Your Gift U.k and SYG Records who God used to bring my dream to reality and bring out the true spirit of worship in me. I'm truly grateful to God. What i have learn t in the course of your show to search for true worshiper, money can't buy. To my family and friends i really want to appreciate you all for your support and prayers. Especially my kid sister Blessing Onoriobe, my brother Isaac Onoriobe  and Amioku Godstime my good friend for all their love shown to me. And above all God Almighty for his love and faithfulness towards me i love you lord and i will always worship you.    
Juliet Oniorobe SYG Warri Winner


Interview with the winner by Noja Otabun

 Juliet: I am still in shock

Noja:  Did you think you would win       

 Julieliet: I am an N.C.E holder I intend to further my education to B.S.C Degree. I was singing for the world but, I never got anywhere with it until I gave my life and gift back to God, as a trial of faith I applied for this program SYG God brought me from a nowhere to somewhere a worshipper. Show your gift brought the gift owork in tNoja: Where do you see yourself n the new few years?

Juliet:  I see myself as a great worshipper, in the next few years I would have won more souls to God because this gift is from him and for him. 

Noja: With the N250,000 you won, How long will it take to produce your album

Juliet: Between a month and three months by the grace of God. I just want express my warm appreciation to Pastor Juliet Iyeyemi who God used to bring thRecord Label (Producers and sponsor)


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Sponsor us so we can continue doing this beautiful Job

£ 100.00 

My son was only 16 when he visited port harcour. He feed the orphans and served the widows. He was transformed when he came back Please sponsor us so we can take more youths abroad to see how people are living today.

Pay for a bag of Rice which will serve 5 Widows we need 100 bags before April

£ 40.00 

A bag of rice cost equivalent of £35 or $50. This will serve four widow. We hope to raise over 100 bags to serve 500 widows. I believe together we can do it. Your name or company's logo will be placed on our website.

Looking for Partners to pay for volunteers ticket

£ 500.00 

We have people who want to travel on mission but need their expenses covered. Can you partner with us to pay for tickets and food expenses. This is a way of doing your bit for the less privilaged if you are unable to travel with us.

You can give whatever you have as your contribution.

We appreciate any contribution that is given.

Sponsor The Promotion

£ 50.00 

Lagos state is our next location. we need tv and radio media to create awareness. Be kind to sponsor us as our apprciation we will put your logo and name on our website which is visited evreyday. Thank You