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7 Unity Close, Coker Estate. Shasha. Lagos State. Nigeria

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14th August 2017


Dear Friend




I have the pleasure to value your steady help and participation for Show Your Gift hitherto. May the great Lord remunerate you hugely for your kind-heartedness for the less advantaged and poor individuals from the general public.


I might want to take a couple of minutes of your time to present myself and all the more essentially my Project; Show Your Gift. (SYG) (A Hub for gifted youngsters) Its objectives and reason for existing are delineated beneath.


* The center advantage of Show Your Gift (SYG) is to elevate destitute individuals to sparkle on this Earth giving God lauds by utilizing their endowments (Talent in singing, Dance, Drama and so forth.). We work intimately with the YOUTHS particularly as they are the fate of tomorrow.


* I am mindful that comparative tasks are in presence, yet SYG is interesting. We don't just advance gospel gifts, SYG is additionally we work with young girls who have been street work to help them back into the community through skill acquisition programs. We additionally have the Not Guilty Talk Show for young people making mindfulness on issues like Gun and blade wrongdoing, Positive word, peace talk, sex before marriage and some more.


Any nation we get ourselves we supply the widows and orphans fundamental medication for day by day living. We make it a state of obligation to include hopefuls in going to halfway house homes and dowagers condo for supply of sustenance to comprehend and welcome the estimation of Life. The mission part of SYG is to depict a genuine and true presence of the moms, fathers and youngsters who are influenced day by day by destitution and shocking conditions which they need to live and hold on for as a lifestyle yet it doesn't need to be so in the event that we can get some assistance to enhance these lives.


* Creating and building up the ground for new gospel artist and gifted individuals with the end goal of broadening gospel music, and its uniqueness as it spans to the position of royalty of God.


The mission part of SYG is to appear and teach people in general about what is happening in Africa, Asia, and Europe with the Widows and Orphans, child abuse and domestic violence. For instance, my 17 years of age went with the team in 2013. He met with the widows and orphans; he feed them and gave them vitamins. He was completely changed when he saw the hardship kids needed to experience. He acknowledges everything he can get now. He figured out how to love God when He saw the measure of People who are graving for a possibility for the world to see and grasps their ability with the value bundle we have for the victors of each show.


* It is a chance to make employments for some individuals, i.e. Moderators, Market Researcher, Secretaries, council arranging co-ordinator, Studio labourers, cameramen, administrators, and journalists' the rundown is perpetual!


We wish to re-establish the way that our effort is widespread in operation and comprehensive in benefit conveyance.


We have over the latest 4 years raised champs from 4 states in Nigeria who are as of now going ahead with an unrivalled presence with their own particular accumulation out and doing awesome. We are needing to have Lagos express this year December thus we are creating for help at the present time.


We are consoling you that your yield, offering and support for our helpful activities are not futile; along these lines, benevolently offer as per the level of God's elegance and gift in your life. This show will run twice reliably and will deliver 10 stars.


Breakdown of Anewlife Project and Show your Gift Expenses for December 2017


Challenger will stay in the mission house for 10 days. Here they will take in about improvement of music, Life, Peace talk, working with their different state group and preparing more youthful craftsman

A short let housing will be leased for more than 30 contestants to live in for 10 days in Lagos @N900.000 (£2,283)


Money in Nigeria Naira and British Pounds







(In Aid of Domestic Violence Victim and Less Privilege)


Venue                                                 N200.000 (£435)


Refreshment                                     N100.00


Instrument and Lighting                N200.000 (£435)


Radio/Tv Advert                               N500.000 (£1,087)


Flier                                                       N50.000

TOTAL                                                   1, 050,000










200 BAGS OF RICE            N1, 000,000 (£2,174)

Venue                                  N200.000 (£435)

Refreshment                     N100, 000

Instrument/Lighting       N200, 000 (£435)

TOTAL                                                   N1, 500.000




SYG GOSPEL TALENT HUNT SEMI FINALS SEASON 2 – Celebrating Love with our Talents

Scene                                    N200, 000 (£435)

Refreshment                     N200, 000 (£435)

Judges Expenses                             N1, 000, 000 (£2,174)

Instrument/Lighting       N200, 000 (£435)

Enhancement                    N100, 000

Transport                                            N50, 000

Radio/TV                                             N500.000 (£1,087)

Add up to                                            N2, 250,000



Christmas Party with the Less Privileged (Widows and Orphans) Giving Love


Setting                                  N200, 000 (£435)

Food                                     N300, 000

Drinks                                   N100,000

Instrument/Lighting       N200, 000 (£435)

Improvement                    N100, 000

Transport                            N50, 000

Flier                                       N50,000

TOTAL                                   N1,000.000 (£2,174)




SYG FINALS SEASON 2 – Celebrating the Season of Love with our Talents to bring Joy


Setting                                  N200, 000 (£435)

Refreshment                     N200, 000 (£435)

Judges Expenses              N500, 000 (£1,087)

Instrument/Lighting       N200, 000 (£435)

Improvement                    N100, 000

Transport                            N50, 000

Radio/TV                             N500.000 (£1,087)




Ist Price                                N1, 000.000 (£2,174)

second Price                      N500.000 (£1,087)

third Price                           N250.000

fourth Price                        N100, 000

fifth Price                            N50.000

sixth to tenth position a cell phone each N20.000 = 100.000

Add up to                            N3, 750.000


Aggregate of 5 days Events. N9, 550, 000 (£20,761)


You can bolster any of these costs inside your ability.


As a philanthropist SYG will use your Business name and Logo on all Promo. Connection from this year work with SYG AND ANEWLIFE PROJECT (TWIN PROJECT)

Our Long Term Plan is to build a shelter home and skills acquisition centre when finance is available, to accommodate street workers coming out of the street and domestic violence victims.


https://youtu.be/76Ji6dgm5Rw Free Medical Check

https://youtu.be/ErwDaaMxKQ8 Season 1 Quarter Finalist


https://youtu.be/UV4nU8S44w8  - SYG CONCERT


https://youtu.be/UV4nU8S44w8 https://youtu.be/iF9xqD-5jOw 2016 Christmas Party


I anticipate your help in making this extraordinary commission a win. Enable make to demonstrate your blessing gospel ability demonstrate a crushing Event of this season. A season of Joy, Giving, love and sharing. We have started background work now.

You can either donate via website or via Accounts. Nigeria account: Zenith Bank. Show your Gift. Account: 1003622163 or UK Bank Anewlife Project Lloysbank Account No: 75093960  Sort code:306522.



Juliet Ibe


Managing Director for SYG

(Show Your Gift – Where talents are elevated)




 You will Perform live on stage with over a thousand contestants. You will be first and the best. Practice makes perfect; is this your vision or your gift then you have the opportunity to show your gift.

Your gift of worship should be emotional and real.