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 Juliet Oniorobe Winner of Warri City

 Juliet Iyeyemi Bello

64 Lomond Grove





C.E.O Show Your Gift U.K, INT


Dear Sir/Madam


This year August 2011 the Metropolitan arrested 1,802 young people in London and other part of England involved in the riot. People charged in London city are 1,032, statistic shows that 95% of the young people who took part in the riot came from the power section of the country, south east of London this is where I grew up and my family, this I base on the lack of community clubs, training and activities which the less privilege lack to occupy the time of young adults who will turn out to be our future leaders.

Show Your Gift (SYG) is a charity organization ran by six volunteers in the South east of London creating Acts activities for the young ones in the community. SYG goal is to take the young ones out of the street and occupy them with programs and activities that will build their confidence and take them out of the street permanently.

Activities include:

Singing Classes

Drama Classes

Conference on Gun crime and knife

Karaoke Night Club

Street and in door dance classes


Production of single albums for artist who really want to get into music


The SYG club will prove positive in the community, we are happy to alert the world, entire public for the hunger , poverty, injustice and to increase insufficient funds to help children and communities in need such as the south east youths London, to provide hope and happiness in their life just like any other child in the world.

We are asking you today to please consider donating our new community club we need to buy

A Bus for transporting the youths home when is late

Pay teachers

Buy equipment

For conference


Night club for the young adult

Building Rent


If you require more information please contact us on;

+44 7932818301


We look forward to your respond

Thanks for considering our request


Yours Sincerely

Juliet Iyeyemi Bello

Show Your Gift C.E.O