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24nd January 2014

Dear Sir or Madam,

I would like to take a few minutes of your time to introduce myself and more importantly my Project; Show Your Gift. (SYG) (A Hub for talented People) Its goals and purpose are outlined below.

* The core benefit of SYG is to promote gospel artist with gifts to shine on this Earth giving God praises by using their gifts. We work closely with the youths especially as they are the future of tomorrow.

* I am aware that similar projects are in existence, but SYG is unique. We do not only promote gospel artist, SYG is also involved with mission work focused on orphans and widows. Any country we find ourselves we supply the widows and orphans basic medicine for daily living. We make it a point of duty to involve contestants in visiting orphanage homes and widows apartment for supply of food to understand and appreciate the value of Life. The mission part of SYG is to portray a true and factual existence of the mothers, fathers and children who are affected daily by poverty and terrible conditions which they have to live and bear with as a way of life but it does not have to be so if we can get some help to improve these lives.

* Creating and developing the ground for new gospel artist for the purpose of widening gospel music, and its uniqueness as it reaches to the throne of God.

The mission part of SYG is to show and educate the public about what is going on in Africa, Asia, and Europe with the widows and orphans. For example, my 17 years old travelled with the group last year July 2013. He met with the orphans and widows; he fed them and gave them vitamins. He was totally transformed when he saw the hardship children had to go through. He appreciates all he can get now. He learned how to worship God when He saw the amount of People who are graving for a chance for the world to see and embraces their gift with the price package we have for the winners of every show.

* It is an opportunity to create jobs for many people, i.e. Presenters, Market Researcher, Secretaries, committee planning co-ordinator, Studio workers, cameramen, operators, and writers’ the list is endless!

About Me…

I have been a singer and writer for over 25years and a missionary for over 8 years. I am passionate about the widows and orphans. I am an ordained minister of God and have served him for over 20 years. I teach music, a conference Teacher, founder of Not Guilty Talk Show, Elohim Worship Centre and C.E.O of Show Your Gift all to the glory of the giver Jesus Christ.

I am a seasoned preacher and travel round the world releasing the undiluted word of God to the nations. I have in the past been opportune to minister at the Rehiem Bonke crusade of 1.4 Million people as a guest artist. I have also by the grace of God ministered at the Royal Albert Hall London for the Royals closing the show with Amazing Grace. Please read more at our website

Having outlined the benefits of SYG.I now am seeking for partners who will part-take in this great commission. Fund is required to showcase this commission across the nations. We are more than happy to advertise your products or names in any sponsored event.

The next event will be held in August 2014 Lagos State Nigeria.

I look forward to your support in making this great commission a success. Help make show your gift a smashing Event of the Year.


Yours in Worship

Juliet Bello



77 Godstow Road. London. SE2 9AU     

Charity No: 1090674


Expenses: Figures in Pound Sterling


Venue                                                      1200

Volunteer Tickets                                       5000

Hotel                                                        5000

Transportation                                           3000

Music                                                        1000

Invited Artist                                              1000

Instrument Hire                                          1000

Flyer & Ticket                                             350    

Tv Advert                                                   1500

Postal/Bill Board                                         500

Radio                                                        500    

FB Promo                                                   150

N9auk                                                       150                                        

Snacks and Drinks                                      500

Decoration                                                 500

Camera Men                                                200

Video Man                                                  500

Presenter                                                    200    

Award x200 each                                       2000

Invitation                                                   200

Program                                                       50

Security                                                      500

Winner for SYG                                           9000

Widows Food                                              2000

Orphans                                                     1000

Total                                                      £37.000

In return we will sing of your help on all the promotion we will use and all through the show and after, you will be permanently on our website and promotion list in all our interview and any work or album produced by the winners.

If you require more information please contact us on;      +44 7932818301  07449037031

We look forward to your respond

Thanks for considering our request

Yours Sincerely

Juliet Iyeyemi Bello

Show Your Gift C.E.O

All right Preserved Show Your Gift United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, America and rest of the world