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April 2015 Mission to Enugu State, Edo State, Delta State and Lagos state.

Picture below is from Udi Village in Enugu State



Anew Life

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18th January 2015


Dear Sir or Madam


This is God's Heart - We are running with it


Appeal for funding/Sponsor


ANEW LIFE 2015 CAMPAIGN. Happy New year to you. Please be patient to read. 

Anew life project is birthed by Juliet Ibe.


The vision is to take youths, widows and battered women out of poverty and violence into a new life of stability. I was moved to work with the less privileged because of my experience on mission with a local church 2009 to Liberia and Nigeria. As i heard testimonies of women who raped because they are widows and have no one to stand for them, i wept like a baby with so much pain, I saw girls the age of my daughter 15 used for sex exploitation this hurt so much.The amount of poor people living without electric, food for days, prostitution by young girls and boys and battered women gave me the push to help them live a better live which is very possible. Tears roll down my eyes when I saw heard my aunty died of aids because she was rapped and contacted Aids and died from the rapist. Fear grip me again when I was informed that a close relative was rapped because she is less privileged. How long will this go on for. Cant we do something then you know you have render help, are we still folding our hands, waiting for the next girl or woman to die while we have been created to help? think on this/

I started travelling to Africa more often to do a research on why this is the only way for this young ladies to live a life of prostitution. My findings show that people will not help unless you have something to give back. 2014 World Hunger and Poverty Facts and Statistics shows that more than 70 percent of malnourished children live in Asia, 26 percent in Africa and 4 percent in Latin America and the Caribbean” and many more to join


 I am sold out to help save lives. In April I will join 4 other missionaries to Africa to work for our children, youths and women,

Work to cover on the 3 weeks Mission trip to Lagos State Nigeria


3 DAYS WIDOW/WOMEN CONFERENCE-How to love again/ Intimacy with man and God


SHOW YOUR GIFT CONCERT- Elevating the lives of gifted young people


3 DAYS YOUTH SERMINAR/ WORKSHOP/TALK SHOW-Awareness singles (Not Guilty Talk Show) transforming lives







Our Vision


Restoring children to their parents through counselling

Setting up short courses that will assist ex prostitute gain employment.


To support widows and vulnerable women especially those who have been victims of domestic violence to restore their confidence and self-esteem and support them to re-integrate into the society.


To provide shelter for Prostitute coming out from the street. When they are in the shelter we will organise basic and vocational skills training (Hair dressing, Catering, Fashion designer, Health and Beauty, ICT, Music, Arts, Drama, Dance, ESOL - literacy, etc.)  to enhance their employment opportunities.


To organise skill-based personal development training, workshops, conferences, seminars on sustainable women development initiatives. 


Provide one-to-one mentoring, career guidance and counselling services to youths and vulnerable people and battered women in the community to build their self-esteem and confidence


Provide educational, health and sports development projects for youths in the community to build their capacity, promote healthy living and opportunities in life.  


Provide a community drop-in centre for youths and the elderly to promote social cohesion and interaction in the community.

To organise weekly Radio talk show for testimonies of out back in project and battered women living anew life.



We need your help to fulfil this vision that will change lives for good. We have worked with less privileged people and have so many testimonies. You can see some under www.showyourgift.org


Cost for April Mission 2015

Ticket will cost £550 per person





1. Rice

A bag of Rice cost £40

This will serve 500 women plus vitamin supply





2. Hire of Venue for women conference


9 days x



3. Missionaries ticket and food per head is £788




4. Accommodation for missionaries.

The team decided that it will be cost effective to raise fund to rent a 3 bedroom flat where we will stay instead of hotel expenses. To stay in a hotel for 3 weeks per head is

4 People  will be

3 times a year will be:




TOTAL: £15,636

5. Renting a 3 bedroom flat will cost

 £10.416 A Year

6. Cost for Out Back in Project

Research to be carried out in the April visit


7. Building a shelter home for Out back in Project.

To acquire a land to build a permanent shelter home. The home will have a

training Centre inbuilt

Conference Room

Work Agency to assist for employment


25 -30  young ladies

A Plot of Land will cost


To build will cost


Furniture and equipment’s



TOTAL: £100.00


Over 2000 youths will audition to win 1st to 3rd prize and a record deal

1st price £4000

2nd Price £2000

3rd Price £1000

Other encouraging prizes


It is my heart desire that a change will come with this projects a change to

Get that girls/women out of the street

Reunite that child to his/her mother

Relief orphans and widows from poverty

Take that woman out of violence

Educate women to know her right for better opportunity in future

Take youths off crime and to encourage to fulfil their full potential in the society

Invest in upcoming youth as there are the future leaders



Juliet Oniovosa Ibe


 U.K address:

77 Godstow Road.

London. SE2 9AU.


Tel No: 07448987728 / 07411882174



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