Show your Gift


The Vision of Anew Life (to be aWomen of Worth ) 


Our Objectives:

  • To support widows and vulnerable women especially those who have been a victim of Domestic violence, circumstance beyond control to empower them to gain back their confidence and self esteem and join the community to build anew life.
  • To provide training (Farming, hair dressing, fashion, Health and beauty, Arts, drama, music dance to help them back to work.
  • Encouraging women to leave a prayer, praise and worship life
  • To organise skill-based personal development training, conference, workshop, talk shows, Seminar to help them live anew life.
  • Mentoring young women and ready to marry ladies by providing one to one mentoring guidance and counselling services them
  • Empowering women for greatness
  • One to one counselling/advice section for less privileged youths in the community to build their self esteem and confidence
  • Using your gift when required- Hosting a talent show and talk show for youths in the community to build a community spirit and elevating the talents of youths in the country 
  • Organising mission visits to orphanages and widows shelter places in Africa


Our Prayer and Worship focus:

  • Intimacy with God
  • Fruit of the womb
  • Marriage problem resolved
  • Family settlement
  • Asking God for life partners
  • Living a righteous life
  • Declaring and decreeing healing and restoration over situation
  • Strong relationship with God
  • Divine protection, provision, success and prosperity from God





Edo State

Port Harcourt

Enugu State





Women’s breakfast quarterly

Talent show quarterly

Health work shop

Anniversary 3 days program yearly

Ladies retreat

Women and family day out

Youth workshop-counselling

Movies night- mothers and children

Community music show-show your gift

Not Guilty Talk Show- speak out

Cooking workshop

Bedroom tips

Ordination of Ministers into pastoral position when all require is fulfilled

Our motto is to build great leaders:


1. Fight to resist:  As a leader you need to set an example and resist temptation. Keeping

Your life in tune with God is the best way.


2. Respect: Make sure you and anyone that speaks before your ladies are in line

with what God’s Word says. Respect God’s Word.


3. Refuse:  As Christian leaders, part of your responsibility is to refuse to compromise on God’s Word and godly principles.


4. Trust: The Lord is your ultimate strength. Trust Him all the time.


5. Regroup: Some things or ways of doing things may fail. When that happens, it

is time to regroup. Fuel yourself up with prayer and God’s Word and begin



6. Show Your Gift: The ladies within your group have gifts and talents. Allow them to

use them within your ladies group.


7. Commitment:  A good leader requires commitment from themselves and from the

leaders that work under them.


8. Report: Even if you don’t officially have to report to your Overseer

what is transpiring in your ladies ministry, do it anyway. Always give an update#

9. Rejoice: Be thankful for what blessings the Lord is accomplishing through the

ladies ministry of your church. Rejoice in how your ladies are growing in Christ.

Look for the positive things in your group, not just the negative.

10. Correction:  There may be times when you have to receive some criticism.

Receive it with a gentle spirit. You can always not agree with it and weigh the

pros and cons of it, but never receive it with anger or harsh words.


God is always in control in all.  Email:

U.K Juliet Ibe 07448987728

Lagos chapter 1 Leader: Mrs Vivien Eruodoja 00234 07081807973

Music Co ordinator Mrs Anita Ijezie

Media: Ms Franca Elue

Project Manager: Ms Sylvia Iyeyemi

PA: Mrs Ese Ikpama 00234 080204048089